Congratulations for selecting the HOLLEY Full Build Customizable Pocket Knife.

You start with the core HOLLEY  pocket knife functions  (same as the MOD10). These include:  Large and Small Blades & Corkscrew; Bottle Opener w/Flathead Screwdriver, and Reamer; and Key Ring, Toothphick & Tweezer. 


Then select which of the seven tools or functions you want to make your very own MOD. How exciting. There are more combinations than we can imagine.

Your Tools or Functions' Options

+ Scales' (the sides) Options

These blades are guaranteed to be heat treated to 55+ HRC for durability & long lasting sharpness; High quality components with precise tolerances the HOLLEY Way; Carbon Stainless Steel blades with high polish finish and are 3.5 inches long and can be up to 1.5 inches wide.

If you have some special graphic needs like a logo or insignia, or you want more than 3 letters or numbers, please contact me at or 860-806-0747.

Each order takes 7-10 days to fulfill.