Our goal is to offer customers exactly the kind of pocket knife they want. You can select from our eight pocket knives below from the MOD collection. You need to add front and back scales from our wide selection to make a complete Holley pocket knife. We call them MOD for the slightly squared groovy design.

Each Holley MOD pocket knife is guaranteed to be:

  1. Blades heat treated to 55+ HRC for durability & long lasting sharpness

  2. High quality components with precise tolerances the Holley Way

  3. Carbon stainless steel blades with high polish finish

  4. Each pocket knife is 3.5 inches long by 1 inch high with varying widths from .5 inch MOD10 to the 1.5 inch MOD20.


Each pre-configured pocket knife has many functions. What's a function? A function can be a tool. It can be the key ring. It can be also something like a "wire stripper" on the "bottle opener" so one "tool" and two "functions." Every little function is counted.

The models are named as follows: MOD10 means the MOD collection with 10 functions, the smallest Holley. I add additional letter designations for additional pocket knives with different functions for the same number, MOD13 A,B and C, for example.

Our Models or MODs

Here are the functions with their respective MODs.

1.  Large Blade, Small Blade, Corkscrew & Toothpick 

             MOD 10 and All Others

2. Can Opener, Bottle Opener w/Flathead Screwdriver, Reamer & Tweezers

             MOD 10 and All Others

3. Scissors & Hook Tool   

              MODs 13A/B   20

4. Wood Saw & Chisel   

              MODs 12A/B, 13A 14, 20

5. Pliers w/ Wire Cutters 

              MODs 13B/C,  20

6. File 

              MODs  12B, 14, 20

7. Wrench (M2-M6) & Phillips Head 

             MODs 13C, 20

8. Fish Scaler w/Ruler & Hook Remover 

             MODs  14, 20

9. Magnifying Glass Firestarter w/ Small Screwdriver      

             MOD 20