Large Blade

Can Opener

Small Blade

Bottle Opener w/

w/Flathead Screwdriver





Tooth Pick


Wood Saw

Hook Tool


Pliers w/ Wire Cutters


Wrench (M2-M6)

Phillips Head 

Fish Scaler w/Ruler

and Hook Remover

Magnifying Glass (Firestarter)

w/ Small Screwdriver


Your HOLLEY MOD20 is guaranteed to be:

  • Blades Heat treated to 55+ HRC for durability & long lasting sharpness

  • High quality components with precise tolerances the Holley Way

  • Carbon Stainless Steel blades with high polish finish

  • Size = 3.5 inches long x 1 inch high by 1.5 inches wiide

MOD20 Pocket Knife Multi-tool with Orange 3D Printed Plastic


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