So you put fish on pocket knives?

No, silly. Scales are the sides of pocket knives. The "front" side is where you can find the "HOLLEY Since 1844" logo.  The back side is the other side where you can add some text.




We also offer lots of cool colors in some exciting, new materials for you to create your own personal pocket knives. Our mission is to give our customers as many options as possible. We are researching far and wide for new material to craft unique scales. Please let us know if you have any ideas.

3D Printed Scales - These come in nine colors that you can mix and match for the front and back scales. They have a porous rough feel that I really like. We add our logo through the CAD model so it's part of the front scale. We can add text on the back too for more personalization. Because of the 3D process you should note that no two 3D printed scales are exactly alike. The colors also fade like a pair of jeans.

MOD10 in Official Blue 3D Printed Plastic

Classic Blue Plastic Scales - Finally, we could not hope to have HOLLEY pocket knives if we did not offer them in classic blue plastic. It's classic blue and classic plastic mixed together to give you something very familiar. 

WOOD Scales

I was fortunate to learn from Eric Rydingsword before his untimely passing the beauty and utility of wood. He told me at an event to support our Kickstarter campaign that HOLLEY pocket knives MUST have wood scales. He was right. Most customers want wood. You can see our quarter sawn black walnut, rift white oak, quarter sawn black cherry and quarter sawn maple. We can do just about any kind of wood you want.

You can add three characters on the back scale for your own personalization. This adds 7-10 days to the delivery.