Holley Action & Adventure #2

Dear Holley Fans,

Action & Adventure is everywhere.

You can see it now by my son catching a fish in the surf in New England.

You can also see it in history, like when any explorer, pioneer or settler came to our great country. Then you can see it in people at the Mystic Seaport who make history a living experience, working to rebuild and maintain 19th century ships.

You can see some nice pictures of our wood scales for Holley courtesy of Charles Peterson Signature Flooring. Below are the Rift White Oak and Quarter Sawn Black Walnut pocket knives in the "Holley Wood" house with Governor Holley in the background. Thanks to our supporter in the house for their contribution and providing this picture.

I'm offering free shipping for Holley in August. Just hit "AUG" on the website. It's automatically calculated on Amazon.

As part of people interested in Holley, I'm extending a special discount with the name "Local" for 10%.

Have a wonderful August.

V.J Maury

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