Holley Action & Adventure #3

Dear Holley Fans,

Thanks first to some photo contributions from the Holley community. I love traveling in international destinations because every moment holds the unexpected.

I will tell you the story of Action & Adventure in two cities:

St. Petersburg, Russia and New York City in the US of A.

This first one is actually very simple:


Where ever you go there will be a sight for the senses. Since it's Russia, you never know what might happen. Or nothing happens but you are surrounded by grandeur, especially in St. Petersburg.

In New York City, I think Action & Adventure is in the details.

Can you see them in the pictures below?

1. A Santa Claus decoration in August at a bar?

2. The fire escapes?

3. Any intersection?

4. A warning that the public fountain's water is chemically treated?

No wonder I love this town.

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